Elevate your rankings, traffic, and revenue with data-driven SEO

I’m Hyun Lee, the leading SEO consultant based in Tallinn, Estonia.

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Are your SEO efforts showing results?

You started blogging because every marketer on the Internet is telling you that it works.
Then you spend some hours configuring your website and start “building content”.
You’re quite sure that you’ll start getting some free traffic. Any day now.
You wait.
You wait some more.
Days, weeks, months pass.

google analytics SEO traffic graph

But you’re not seeing the results that were promised.

In the meantime, your competitors are somehow thriving with organic traffic.
Does this sound familiar? What are your competitors doing that you haven’t done?

Although on the surface, it may seem like you’re doing everything just as good, if not better than your competitors…
the irrefutable fact is, you’re actually missing some key details.

The good news? All the answers are publicly available. 

All you have to do is simply dive into all of Google search policies, set an organized site structure, implement code properly, find white-hat backlinks, interlink all your content in a logical manner, all while creating useful blogs derived from in-depth keyword research… 
And with zero mistakes

Because making mistakes means going against Google’s guidelines, and it’ll be that much more difficult to rank up.

Oh, you also have to focus on growing your business too.

Simple, right?

"A Genuine SEO"

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Hyun built our marketing process and funnel which we still use today.
He is an analytical marketer who genuinely cares about the business.
As a result, we’re on page 1 on Google and our business is thriving.
Even after all this time, he remains my go-to SEO consultant.

Kirill Tšernov

Director of Content at Qminder.com

SEO for Validated Businesses

SEO is a long and arduous process in which you constantly gain traffic month-over-month. It’s for real businesses that can answer real searches done by real people.

SEO Backed by Data

SEO is heavily backed by keyword research, market & competitor research, Google policies, and user data. It’s not guesswork, it’s a data-driven process.

My clients receive high authority media coverage

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cybersecurity companies published on redhat
technology companies published on SAP

Why my clients always come to me for SEO

High performing entrepreneurs and leaders work with me.
Why do they hire me? I’ll let them do the talking.

MMOS-com client

Hyun is an expert that knows his stuff, worked quickly and diligently on several websites for me. Delivered several high impact quantifiable whitehat backlinks through utilizing HARO and blogger outreach.

Omer Altay

Co-Founder of MMOs.com

Hyun refined our marketing funnel and acquired relevant leads that turned into paying customers. The quality of leads increased with Hyun in just one year. Give him the resources, and he’ll take care of you.

Yuxuan Chen

Head of Customer Success at Qminder.com

0 Years

Experience in helping businesses thrive.

$ 0 Million+

Multiple clients with 7-figure exits.

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Customer satisfaction, guaranteed.

The best time to start SEO was yesterday.
The second best time is now.

My goal is to help established businesses track key metrics, grow their funnel, and raise the bottom line.

Let’s have a call and find out if we’re a good fit.

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