Estonia Bank Tax Screen

Doing Personal Taxes in Estonia

**Updated in 2017**

Doing personal taxes in Estonia is easy. Doing company taxes is a bit different but still quite easy.

Let’s go over my <1 min tax routine.

1. Log into my bank

Log into my bank which is optional; you can also log in via the official state website.

Swedbank Tax Login in Estonia
I click on “My data” in the notification right after logging into my bank.

Swedbank Tax Login in Estonia
Then click on “Proceed to pre-populated tax return.”

2. Log into the tax website

The button on the bank website redirects me to the state website where I must log in using my Estonian ID card (wiki). As you can see, there are different ways of logging in, but I find the ID card process simple and secure enough.
Estonia Tax Login ID Card

3. Getting lost

I choose the bottom option since I got lost with the top one and the bottom one leads to the tax form. (Trial and error!)
Estonia Tax Login 2

4. Pre-filled tax form?! (Personal info redacted)

Estonia Personal Tax Form
Yep, that’s right. It’s all done for me, including the education expenses (tuition to TUT). Since all of my data is connected, there’s a lot of automation by the state and very little manual “filling in” by me. The concept is a little scary but things like this is why I love technology.

The only thing I had to do was select whether I wanted the whole amount refunded in my bank or to leave it under my name in case I owe them money. I’ll cash out, thanks.

5. Confirmation mumbo jumbo

Estonia Personal Taxes Done
This page just shows you that you’re done and you can download your info in .PDF.

I got 187 euro back from the government! It’s not a lot but it’s a nice feeling.
When I first went through this I was a bit skeptical of the process. I thought, “Ok, now what do I do? Am I really done? There HAS to be more to doing taxes, right? I must’ve missed something…” But this is it. Doing taxes shouldn’t be a PITA process. Simple, straight forward procedure like this is why I love Estonia. The fact that they’ve already calculated the amount to return is great, but it also makes sense.

Estonian roads on the other hand…

*I have no loans, mortgages, child support or alimony to pay so I’d imagine this process is simpler for me. From what I’ve been hearing, it might take a minute or two more – that’s it.
*External link: Estonian Tax and Customs Board (Maksu- ja Tolliamet)

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