I got pretty lucky and my boss gave me a Chromecast to play around with at home.

So naturally, I went home right away to try it out!

Without reading any instructions or anything, I thought I would only have to plug it into my TV and it would work… Nope.

Apparently, the little device isn’t capable of streaming for a long time, so I also needed to plug it into a power source!

The other thing is, my phone (Samsung Note 4) had some trouble finding and connecting to it, even though all my WiFi settings were correct.

So today I finally got all the parts I needed (micro USB, US to EU power adapter, power extension cord) and tried to make it work.

It’s really nice that all these hardware and software started working together (almost) seamlessly. Feels good to be alive today.

I took the Chromecast home because I wanted to stream from my video player (VLC). By default, this isn’t an option. I had to download an experimental build (Nightly build) and did some clicking around…
…and it started streaming my videos!

But it was extremely stuttery.

I wasn’t about to give up at this point, so I did some more Googling (funny that I have to use Google to find answers for Google products – even for doing things that weren’t meant to be done on this device), and I came across a Chrome extension called Videostream for Google Chromecastâ„¢.

I don’t normally use shady looking plugins… but I was kind of desperate. Why else did I go through the trouble of setting all this up?

To build up on the shadiness, the plugin asked me to include/open up TCP 5556 and 5558 under my router and firewall…

I didn’t have to access my router. Here’s how I did it.

How to Forward Your Ports (5556, 5558) on Windows

If you’re not tech-capable, and you somehow found your way here, this is how you do it:

  1. Open “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security”
  2. Select “inbound rules” on the left navigation
  3. Click Action->New Rule
  4. Select Port -> Next
  5. Select TCP
  6. Select local ports : 5556,5558
  7. Click next through to the end and name the new rule something you’ll recognize later (just in case)

Now, I can stream my totally legally downloaded videos!